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The Future of Retail Asia


Get valuable insights from industry experts and key stakeholders in the market on The Future of Retail in Asia amidst post-pandemic recovery and the rise of e-commerce. Join Aimazing’s CEO and Head of Marketing, Jun and Imran, as they explore the dynamic world of retail and solutions. Powered by Aimazing, The Future of Retail Asia gives you a glimpse into the foreseeable future of retail and the tools and solutions the industry needs to be equipped with to deal with the challenges that are thrown its way.
“Leveraging Digital Payments For Retail Success" with Jeremy Wong| Episode 17March 16, 2022 Episode artwork “Building The Digital Bridge In Brick And Mortar" with Keith Chen| Episode 16March 02, 2022 Episode artwork “Breathing Life Through Omnichannel: Philippines' Retail Market" with Chris Fong | Episode 15February 10, 2022 Episode artwork “Ushering In An Omnichannel Retail Future" with Helen Lam | Episode 14January 18, 2022 Episode artwork "Reinventing The Mall Through Crisis: 2021 Recap" | Episode 13January 03, 2022 Episode artwork “Disrupting the Last Mile of the Shopping Journey” with April Koh | Episode 12December 14, 2021 Episode artwork “The Secret Sauce of a Successful Digital Mall” with Ethan Hsu | Episode 11December 08, 2021 Episode artwork “The Reopening: Stepping Into The Mall Of The Future” with Loo Hoey Theen | Episode 10November 16, 2021 Episode artwork “Enabling Data-Driven Digital Precincts of the Future” with Siti Fairuz | Episode 9November 03, 2021 Episode artwork “Uplifting Retailer Sales in Malls with Data Insights” with Madalene See | Episode 8October 26, 2021 Episode artwork “Reviving Malaysia's Retail Industry using Omni-Channel Strategies” with Penny Ong and Stephen Lim | Episode 7October 14, 2021 Episode artwork “Making Malls Desirable Again With Consumer Data” with Dominic Chew | Episode 6September 28, 2021 Episode artwork “Malaysia's Lockdown: Retail Apocalypse or Opportunity?” with Darren Chin | Episode 5September 15, 2021 Episode artwork “Marrying Sensory and Data Analysis to Create the Ultimate Retail Experience” with Jerry Chen | Episode 4September 08, 2021 Episode artwork “Personalising the Customer Journey in the New Normal with Data” with Prantik Mazumdar | Episode 3August 25, 2021 Episode artwork “Using Data to Thrive in a Changing Retail Scape” with Ivan Loh | Episode 2August 10, 2021 Episode artwork “Can Tenants and Landlords Ever Win Together?” with Lim Ming Yan | Episode 1July 28, 2021 Episode artwork Introducing: The Future of Retail AsiaJuly 22, 2021 Episode artwork